The definition of this game depends on who you ask and in what circumstances. Encyclopedic dictionaries online course descriptions are shallow and dispassionate as Card game, the casino itself, which is to get 21 points by the sum of the values ​​of the cards.

The Merriam-Webster goes a step further, it says that the blackjack is a pitcher of beer manufactured in leather and covered with tar (Wow That was not what I wanted). It also says the blackjack is a blunt, metalcore and covered with leather, fastened with a handle of the same material (Horror! It is not what I wanted). Finally, I find what I wanted:

Card Game, whose objective is to serve him, cards that have a higher value than the dealer, up to 21 without exceeding that value.” 

Removing the jars and clubs, this is what we call “dictionary definition.”

There are also regional definitions. If we ask the question in Spain and try to explain what it is, many people will say: Ah! You talk about seven and a half! And the truth is that any resemblance with each other both games. If you ask the question in some countries of Latin America, instead we will discuss the twenty-one, and if we visit Paris, it is likely that we speak of vingt-et-un.

With regard to the circumstances in which we pose the question, is another matter, because whoever wins will speak wonders of the game, and insurance only will we clear that it is a great game but nothing has been talked about their rules and strategies. Anyone who has had a bad night instead cursed the game, who invented it, and perhaps also the one who made the mistake of approaching wonder.

Beyond the anecdotal, it is worth mentioning, from the impartial point of view, which is actually the blackjack as a game that involved betting and a casino.

Indeed, the secondary purpose of blackjack is to beat the dealer. The goal is to win the prize, as in all gambling. To do this, the player, who certainly plays against the casino, you must add the cards that have served 21 or fewer points, provided that exceeds the dealer.

English is used a deck of 52 cards, the value of each letter is inscribed on it, and in the case of the figures (J, Q, K), any of them worth ten points. A player’s convenience, the ace can be worth a point or eleven. The pair is more valuable as a figure and, although, in the event of a tie, the player with an ace and a jack wins.

As can be seen, the blackjack is not the same for everyone, but most people you ask, no doubt reply that if it refers to the game is entertainment in addition to fun, very exciting.