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Already more than a century … And yes, it is very far from the time of the first slot machines Charles August Fey, as the so-called specialized site that has always influenced us. In 1894, its famous roller slot machines were released in bars, where they enjoyed great success until 1920 when the prohibition then arrived; gambling is forbidden, the machines fall under the law, which will look like a blow to the clubs of the time.

A bright idea and here they are back less than a year later, it converts his slot machine candy machine. The symbol cards (the heart, the tile, the ace of spades, the horseshoe, and the bell of freedom) were then replaced by cards fruit (strawberry, lemon, banana, etc. ..), replaced parts by tokens, then exchangeable for candies !!!

In 1986, electronic slot machines made their appearance in France, thanks to this new technology, the possible combinations then go from a hundred to a thousand.

Operation: The slot machine is the game of chance flagship online casino in French, as announced the site of the same name, the most popular thanks in particular to its ease of play, no rules to memorize; no particular technique or skill is required to pocket the jackpot.

To start a game in a land-based casino, simply insert money, press the button or operate the lever, and listen to the nice sound made by the coins falling back into the box. rooms. In a French online casino (find the best casinos online by visiting the most relevant page of our site), the system remains the same, make a bet, press the button and hope that one of the winning combinations appears on your screen.

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