Nintendo 3DS card adapter – r4

There are many benefits associated with using a R4 3DS card whether you are looking for independent applications or if you want to play emulators on your handheld device, the options are endless. Once you have purchased a R4 3DS card from a trusted retailer and have put it into your Nintendo device, you will want to know how to use it. With the dozens of different tasks that the R4 3DS card can complete, your options are relatively endless.

Right Connection/Wrong Connection
r4i-3dsPrior to attempting to use the R4 3DS card, ensure that the MicroSD card is appropriately installed, otherwise your card won’t work. The right connection for the R4 3DS card is when the front of the MicroSD card matches the backof the R4 3DS card.

Set Up Your R4 3DS Card

1. Make sure that you have the latest R4 3DS patch installed.

2. Connect the MicroSD card to a computer by using your USB reader.

3. Ensure that you download “moonmemo” “moonshl2” “R4iMenu” and “r4.dat” and then copy the 4 files onto the MicroSD card.

4. Download any games that you want and copy them to the MicroSD card.

5. Install the card into your handheld device and begin using your console.

Playing Games on the R4 3DS Card

1. Select the game that you want to play from the R4 3DS game menu.

2. Press “A” to start the game. If this is the first time that you have played the game, it will create a save file. You can copy these saved files to a computer at any time that you wish.

Using Cheats on the R4 3DS Card

1. Once you are in the game interface, choose the game that you have the cheats for, and then press either “B” or “X” to access the cheat menu.

2. Choose the cheat item that you want by using the up or down arrows and select the item by pressing “A”.

3. In order to operate the cheat, touch “Cheat On” in order to save the cheat to your list.

The R4 3DS card can be quite beneficial for many reasons whether you are a veteran gamer or if you are a beginner. There are many different tasks that you can accomplish with this useful device such as watching movies, listening to music, or downloading and playing emulators. Rather than using a generic Nintendo console, amp up your gaming experience with the use of a R4 3DS card.